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I’ve been struggling lately with a question in my head about the ultimate direction I want to take this blog. Certainly, Julia has been my inspiration for a lot (most?) of my writing over the last six months; and I’m loving how so many have been rooting for her as she went through her surgery. But the drama is honestly starting to dry up and we’re dealing with a pretty typical kid. Even with the uncertainties of how her Down Syndrome is going to unfold, there’s going to be a whole lotta nothing in terms of extraordinary news.

So here’s the tension I’m living in: Does my writing start branching off into other, riskier subjects or stay in the comfort of chronicling Julia’s progress as she continues to grow? I hope this blog can contain both, and I invite you to drop a comment and give me your perspective on the other issues that weigh on my brain. I’m setting a goal for myself to have something new on here in the next week or so.

But in the meantime, Julia started exploring solid food last night; and I know several who were dying to see the pics. So here they are. We began her culinary adventures with peas as directed by her pediatrician (contrary to the rice cereal that seems the norm). She said to begin with vegetables and fruit and then branch out from there, so we started with something on the less yucky side of vegetables. Turns out she loved them!

Like I said, you’ll be seeing something non-baby related very soon. I hope to see you back!

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5 Responses to Peas

  1. Lauren Beras says:

    You are such a beautiful writer, Chris! Not to mention, an inspired, creative, gifted photographer, as well. I look forward to reading what is on your mind. In fact, I’ve fallen in love with you and your family through your writing. Write what’s on your mind. Just let it out. Let it go. Let someone catch it and hopefully be motivated in some way. Casting. Don’t you feel sometimes that all we have to share is about casting out and seeing what, or whom we catch? I’ll be watching.

  2. Moe B says:

    Chris- I love reading about Julia!! I understand your struggle, but hope whatever direction, you can still include “Julia News”
    Ahhhhh Veggies… i remember those days! they are so cute with green and/or orange all over their face. I’m sure the doc told you… but do all the veggies before you do any fruits. Once babies get a taste for the sweet fruits, they will snub their noses at the veggies.
    Enjoy every moment!
    and THANKS for sharing your journey

  3. Cindy Farris says:

    I too would love to read whatever you write. I second everything Lauren writes. I do, however, expect an occasional update and photo on Julia though. Happy writing.

  4. Pam Marshall says:

    Chris, I second everything that Lauren said, above!! I too have so reveled in getting to know the “private side” of Chris, vs the KCC Staff person. Your writing never disappoints!! I remember especially loving your reflections on your family farm…out walking in the cornstalk stubble.
    This unique journey of little sweet Julia is captivating. Watching your “dad” genes becoming activated, is delightful and poignant!
    I too, look forward to anything you write. Who knows, this just could be leading to a second career….of course, augmented with your amazing photography. That little Julia is such a muse! Write on!!!

  5. Lisa Cook says:

    those are some amazing peeps Julia

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